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Project Activities in Croatia

First, an introductory overview of the context, within which the data obtained by the survey and the interviews should be looked at, is to be made - such as methodological explanations, analysis categories, questionnaires or data obtained, as well as a brief overview of the higher education system in Croatia.

The next step includes processing the data obtained and the assessment of human resource management status, following the detection of study programmes that are examples of good practice in HEIs through questionnaires addressed to representatives of three groups:

  • Representatives of HEIs directly in charge of study programmes (heads of the programmes);
  • Teachers of the mentioned study programmes;
  • Students of the mentioned study programmes.

The second part of the project will focus on the self-evaluation of the QA agencies procedures and the development of guidelines for quality assurance of the assessment of learning outcomes with an emphasis on topics in the field of human rights, as well as self-assessment tools for benchmarking human resources management in HEIs.

MEHR Project Timeline

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