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International conference Human Rights, Children’s Rights and Participation and Active Citizenship as Learning Outcomes of Higher Education Study Programmes

22 January 2019

University of Rijeka, University Campus

Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education and the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Rijeka, together with its international partners within the ERASMUS+ project „Modernity, Education and Human Rights – MEHR“  organised this international conference to, among other topics, present the results of Croatian survey and receive feedback from participants.

The Conference was the opportunity to present MEHR project results achieved so far, including results of a survey which encompassed both the questionnaire on human rights learning outcomes, sent out to all the study programmes leading to relevant professions and interviews with best practice programme leaders, with a short overview of the context of human rights education in Croatia as well as some recommendations for future practices and policies. Conference also included the panel discussion with stakeholders on Human Rights, Children's Rights and Participation, Active Citizenship in Croatian Higher Education Programmes – Areas of Improvement and Examples of good practice.


University of Rijeka
Camupus University
Building of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Teacher Education (Room 006)
Sveučilišna avenija 4
51 000 Rijeka


Conference agenda

Conference photos:

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