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Inclusion of Learning outcomes on Human Rights, Children's Rights and Children's Participation and Child (Student) as an Active Citizen in Educational Curricula of Croatian Higher Education Institutions

  • 2017 - Reportmehrreport2017

A gender perspective on human rights education. Assessing learning outcomes in higher education on human rights; men’s violence against women and domestic violence; and violence towards children in programmes in medicine and social welfare.

Publisher: Swedish Higher Education Authority  

Authors: Kristina Tegler Jerselius (project leader), Per Helldahl, Robin Moberg (UKÀ) with Tanja Tomson, Solvig Ekblad (KI), Chiara Patricolo (ESU).

  • September 2018 - Workshop and international conference: Migration and intercultural skills , IGOT, A3ES – Lisbon

Workshop and conference agenda

Project report to be published during 2018.: Assessing LO on HR education. Case study of Portugal: Human rights, migration and intercultural skills and competences for social inclusion within education in law, social work and geography

Project report to be published during 2018. Assessing LO on HR education. Case study of Croatia: Human rights, active citizenship and democratic participation within educational professions and social work programmes

  • December 2018 – Croatian Report

  • January 2019 - Workshop and international conference: Active citizenship and democratic participation, UFRI, ASHE – Rijeka  

Workshop agenda
International conference agenda

  • May 2019 Final report on HR LOs and quality assurance guide UKA, all partners

  • June 2019 Closing conference: Assessing LO on Human Rights, ESU, all partners – Brussels